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We hosted the Warrior Ride veterans for our Friday night dinner prior to their last cycling event in North Carolina. Our Post officers:  Dist 7 Commander Allen Rundall, Auxiliary President Jacqui Willieams,  Jr Vice Cdr Don Collins,  Sr Vice Cdr Walt Duncan Post Cdr Nick Camera,  Chaplain Bob Wasden. Post 10804 Officers saluting the colors during the National Anthem. District 7 Commander Allen Rundall and Joan Rundall throw wreath off the deck of the USS Yorktown. Professor Martin and students from Coastal Carolina presentation regarding our Solar Panel energy project on 17 January.  The House Committee voted in favor of the proposal and will present it to members for vote on Feb 10th. Flag Day celebration at N. Myrtle Beach Retired Marine Corps Gen. James E. Livingston The Medal of Honor recipient discussed the Vietnam War 50th Commemoration program, which began in 2014. Calling the Vietnam War the
“most misunderstood and misinterpreted conflict apart from the Korean War,” Livingston corrected multiple myths
about the war in Southeast Asia, including how most who served were drafted. “Draftees accounted for only 32% of
all combat deaths,” the life member of Post 10624 in Mount Pleasant, S.C., said. “Another myth was that most of
those killed in action were under the age of 20, when in reality, more men over age 30 died.”
Saying there has been a “renewed interest” in the Vietnam War, Livingston said it’s important to remember those
who did not return from the war. To that end, he encouraged members to purchase a copy of VFW’s Brutal Battles of
Vietnam: America’s Deadliest Days, 1965-1972, calling it “an honest historical preservation” of the Vietnam War.
Livingston participated in the May 1968 Battle of Dai Do, which is featured in the book. Serving as the commanding
officer of Echo Co., 2nd Bn., 4th Marine Regt., Livingston earned the MOH for his actions on May 2. “This battle is
less known, yet was critical to saving the entire province,” he said. “Failure would have been a disaster for our
nation, and it could have ended the war later that year or even the next with a North Vietnamese military victory.”
R DEPARTMENT COMMANDER Henry McFadden in center.  Our SC delegation was seated to the left front at all of the sessions in the main hall. Gary Hurt at his Plinko station. Ramona Seals, at her ducky pond. Rosemary with her Americanism booth. Debbie Hartleroad and friends, at there penny pitching table. Lou & Ann at the bingo table. Lena Risser with her Scholarship table. Cathey Farley, being Cathey! Vicki & Al Stahl with Trinity church ASAP Coordinator. Karen Camera at the HOB/bake sale table. Kids having fun at the ring toss, Scholarship table. Jacoui Williams manning the door. Having fun! Commander with family, enjoying the great food. Alissa, trying her hand at bingo! Getting the word out. Nick (our commander) and Alissa (Auxiliary President) being interviewed for TV. Getting that all important Blood Pressure checked. Kids having fun at Debbie's Penny pitching booth. Ramona Seals Husband from the USS New York, and the girl scouts that sent cookies to the ship. All Americans!! The duck pond. Frank trying his luck.